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Hello welcome to Manchester-dates.co.uk. We welcome everybody from all different ethnic backgrounds. Our site is 100% free dating especially created for people in Manchester, Greater Manchester and we have now opened our site for the whole of the UK. Join 1000s of other members and find your perfect soul mate. Good luck and happy love matching to you all. Sign up now for FREE

Find out how in 8 years we have transformed the lives of thousands of people thanks alua review.

If you’re new here I have good news, you’re only seconds away from a first change using our free video training. The first step to being successful is to take a step back from your own experiences and what society has taught you about dating.

For nearly 30 minutes, we will together give you an overview of the main principles to understand in order to seduce a woman.

If you’re single today, this is a must have content to start talking to a stranger, picking up her number, seeing her on a date for coffee or a drink and finally maybe having a girlfriend.

We encountered the same difficulties as our students with women, and we worked hard to overcome them.

Our mission since 2010 has been to transmit our knowledge and especially our energy to men who want to transform their love life, find love and give themselves the means to have a choice.

What if I told you that there are awesome women, grown women, beautiful, smart, funny, and you can meet them without spending a single dime. Without wasting hours swiping, without alcohol, without hangovers, without having to stand in line for hours in the cold for a haughty physio to deny you entry. But above all without compromising your integrity as a human being and your values, without changing your personality and especially without all that Pick-Up Artist bullshit.

You meet them every day, in the street, in transport, in stores, at your workplace. You don’t have their attention yet, but that will change. To do this, you need to acquire three fundamental skills: Getting out of your comfort zone to provoke encounters naturally. Being able to communicate your personality and connect with others through conversation. And finally, flirting, because that’s what makes the difference between a friendship and a romantic relationship.

It seems simple, but such a change is never easy (in any case it was not for any of the instructors) which is why few men have the courage to challenge their reality and prefer to lie to them. – even by making excuses. You have to put your ego aside, roll up your sleeves and work on yourself. This is also why we founded the Bicheur Club.

I’m an example of the type who starts something and just can’t stop. I started from zero with Yann and then little by little I grew to such an extent that I in turn decided to pass on what I learned.

I started coaching in the field in 2017, since then I have already trained more than 150 people in coaching, during the day and in the evening. My great strength is my energy level, which I pass on to those who are with me.

For several years now, male-female relationships have acted as a powerful vector in my life, my development, and in my fulfillment as a man.

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